exclamation used to frighten or drive away a person or animal.
verb (shoos, shooing, shooed) cause to go away by waving one's arms and saying ‘shoo’.

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  • shoo — (v.) 1620s, to drive away by calling shoo, from the exclamation (late 15c.), instinctive, Cf. Ger. schu, It. scioia. Shoo in easy winner (especially in politics) (1939) was originally a horse that wins a race by pre arrangement (1928; the verb… …   Etymology dictionary

  • shoo-in — n especially AmE informal someone who is expected to easily win a race, election etc shoo in for ▪ He was far from a shoo in for president. shoo in to do sth ▪ He looked like a shoo in to win the Democratic nomination …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • shoo-in — shoo ins N COUNT A shoo in is a person or thing that seems sure to succeed. [mainly AM, INFORMAL] Ms Brown is still no shoo in for the November election …   English dictionary

  • shoo — [sho͞o] interj. [echoic] go away; get out: used as in driving away chickens or other animals vi. shooed, shooing to cry “shoo” vt. to drive away abruptly, by or as by crying “shoo” …   English World dictionary

  • Shoo — Shoo, interj. [Cf. G. scheuchen to scare, drive away.] Begone; away; an expression used in frightening away animals, especially fowls. [1913 Webster] [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • shoo — shoo·ther; shoo; …   English syllables

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  • shoo — [[t]ʃu͟ː[/t]] shoos, shooing, shooed 1) VERB If you shoo an animal or a person away, you make them go away by waving your hands or arms at them. [V n with adv] You d better shoo him away... [V n prep] I shooed him out of the room. 2) EXCLAM You… …   English dictionary

  • shoo-in — {n.}, {informal} Someone or something that is expected to win; a favorite; sure winner. * /Chris is a shoo in to win a scholarship./ * /Do you think he will win the election? He s a shoo in./ * /This horse is a shoo in. He can t miss winning./… …   Dictionary of American idioms

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